Established in 1968, The Jordanian Dairy Company

is the only public shareholding company operating in the dairy sector in Jordan.
With a vision to provide healthy and nutritional dairy products as part of a balanced diet, the company facilitates the process of production from material collection to market.
It is the umbrella company for the dairy factory, cattle farm and plastics factory,

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encompassing all the stages of dairy production from raw resources to final product.
Pioneers in their field, The Jordanian Dairy Company is one of the handful of companies that chose to adopt a mechanical sorting method of soft brick product, characterized by a closed system that produces homogeneous and creamy product while reducing the impact of pollution and human impact.
The enterprises’ Plastic Factory was also the first in the Kingdom to install printed clink material (SLIF) on the plastic packaging of their products, utilizing the latest technology in the world of plastic and adhering to international standards to provide consumers with high-end quality products.
Furthermore, The Jordanian Dairy Company distributes and markets its’ products through an intricate distribution center comprised of 39 specifically equipped transportation vehicles, reaching to all provinces around the Kingdom of Jordan.
The Jordanian Dairy Company’s products are lab-tested for quality assurance and currently owns around 12% of the market share in their industry, specifically, equipped transportation vehicles, reaching to all provinces around the Kingdom of Jordan.
The Jordanian Dairy Company’s products are lab-tested for quality assurance and currently owns around 12% of the market share in their industry.

The Dairy Factory

“The line of cooked cheeses, white cheese and pasteurized milk are among the leading product varieties requested by customers.”

Located on a vast 6.7 Dunum land in Ruseifeh, the dairy factory is a fully equipped facility where the art of dairy-making happens.

With top-of-the-line technology, the dairy factory houses facilities for the production and storage of dairy products, ranging from pasteurized milk, yoghurt, labaneh, white and yellow cheeses, jameed and shaninah.

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Furnished with steam boilers, air compressors, cooling systems, electric generators and its’ very own water well, the dairy factory is set up to run seamlessly and with all the resources it may require.

Raw materials are stored in impressively large tanks that are then treated and funneled into one of four specified filling machines; pasteurized milk, labaneh, jameed and shaninah and one to cook the yellow cheeses, respectively.

The machines are connected to dedicated packaging machines to allow for a variety of sizes catered to the needs of customers, which are then stored in the factory’s specified fridges, freezers and containers.

And to maintain the highest standard, state of the art cleaning systems for the production line (CIP) and pasteurizing machines are set up to safeguard the lab-approved quality level of products.

The Cattle Farm

“Our quality of milk supersedes the standards of the Jordanian market.”

Set in the local province of Al Mafraq, the cattle farm is a dedicated 150 Dunum piece of land that is home to 3,200 cows that provide the raw milk for the dairy products made by The Jordanian Diary Company.

The cows, both big and small, are housed in special cattle housing that keeps them safe from adverse weather conditions. The farm holds hangars that are filled with the necessary feed for the cows, to ensure they are receiving the proper nourishment to then be able to produce the highest quality of milk.

Systemic and fully functional, the cattle farm is able to milk 1500 cows daily, thus producing large quantities of milk that is then stored and transferred to the dairy company.

The company is proud to have achieved a production of raw milk that supersedes the high specifications of milk quality in the Kingdom, by being able to produce milk with 3.7% fat with the approved standard of bacterial load.

Letter from the Board of Directors

Dear distinguished shareholders

Peace and blessings be upon you

The Board of Directors of the Jordanian Diary Company, a Public Shareholding Company Ltd. and I are pleased to congratulate you on the company’s Golden Jubilee and on its’ 50th anniversary of its’ establishment.

We are proud to present to you the 44th Annual Report; a comprehensive report detailing the financial statements, work performed and achievements for the year of 2017.

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Compared to the previous year, 2017 was faced with harder challenges and augmented difficulties. In addition to the Jordanian Diary Farm continuously competing within the market, primary materials used in the production process witnessed a sharp increase in cost as prices rose in 2017 compared to 2016.

On a global level, this includes materials such as cheddar cheese, granules and polystyrene. However, on a local level this also included facing the notable rise in prices of fuel compared to the previous year, as well as price increases to electricity and water. All of which yielded an impact reflected in the cost to the company, especially without the ability to increase the prices of the products in order to remain competitive in the market However, Thank God that the Board of Directors adopted a policy based on the Chairman’s speech 9, that was implemented early last year, focusing on increasing the volume of revenue and reducing expenses incurred. This new policy implementation has reflected positively on the financial statement results for 2017.

Taking a look at the 2017 financial statement in comparison the previous 2016-year financial statement, the results yield an increase in revenue for the year 2017 reaching 17,290,819 Jordanian Dinars compared to the 15,672,418 Jordanian Dinars in 2016, an increase of 3.10%.

The total profit also rose in 2017 to 3,152,629 Jordanian Dinars compared to the previous 2016 total profit of 2,521,607 Jordanian Dinars, yielding a 25% rise.

The net profit also increased to 994,176 Jordanian Dinars in 2017 from 721,017 Jordanian Dinars in 2016, an increased rate of 9.37% Dear Shareholders.

The Board of Directors of the company appreciate your great confidence and aspire to continue this work with the cooperation of the executive management, to lead to even greater success and prosperity for the company, God Willing In conclusion, I wish to thank you all on behalf of the Executive Directorate and all the employees of the Jordanian Dairy Company and subsidiary company (Al Maha for Agricultural and Livestock Investment) in all their locations for their hard work and efforts. We hope that the Almighty God will preserve our precious Jordan, and to keep it safe under His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein.

To God, and with the best of luck

Board of directors


Mr. Raed Rashid

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

Eng. Ayman Rasheed

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Maher Ahmed Mofleh Hourani


Dr. Ala'a Al Horani


Mr. Sameer Hijazi


HE Mr. Abdul Karim Alawi Saleh Al - Kabariti

The Plastics Factory

“We strive to implement the same standards that international companies do with our plastic factory.”

As part of The Jordanian Dairy Company, The Plastics Factory is a specialized sub-set factory created to customize high quality packaging for the dairy products.

It is comprised of a 2471-meter squared hanger sitting on 3.8 Dunums of land that contains a production line, storage units, ready products and administration.

The factory has five high-grade German and Taiwanese machines dedicated to create polystyrene, as well as specialized machines for plastic shaping used to create plastic containers of various shapes and sizes.

The containers are customer-centric, made to hold 160 gm – 1000 gm of dairy products, as well as creating the brand unique round plastic cups and covers.

Organizational Structure of Jordan Dairy Company and Subsidary

Genral Organizational Structure Almaha Agricultural and Animal Investment Company wll