Website Terms of Use

(General terms for any visitors using this website)

Version number: 1.0

Introduction. These are the general terms of the relationship between you (website visitor) and us (website owner). The terms cover all use of this website. You agree to the terms by visiting and using this website.

Definitions. The words in bold below have the following meanings:

Terms includes these general terms, specific terms that apply to a specific section of this website [such as ${name-specifc_terms}, [our privacy poolicy] and any other relevant terms, conditions, policies, disclaimers, authorities and notices agreed between you and us.
We, us or our refers to Almaha Company, the owner of the website. It includes our officers, agents, employees, owners, co-branders and associates where these terms limit or exclude our liability.
You or your refers to any visitor to this website, including any other person, website, business or agent (including any virtual or robotic agent) associated with the visitor.
Conflict. If the meaning of any general term conflicts with any other relevant specific term, the specific term will apply. Specific terms apply to a specific section of the website or have been specifically agreed between you and us.

Use of the Website
We grant you a limited licence to use this website on these terms. We may cancel your licence at any time for any reason. Your licence is automatically cancelled if you do not get our written permission before using this website in a way these terms do not allow.

If you breach any of the terms or infringe any other person’s rights (including copyright), we may cancel your licence, block you from using the website, claim specific performance or damages against you and take any other steps the law allows, without affecting our rights.

You may not frame this website or any of its pages.

You may only link to the home page of this website at [fill in hyperlink]. You may not deep link (link to any other page) or link in any way that could suggest that we endorse or support you, or that you have any rights in our website or intellectual property.

Virtual agents.
You may not use any technology (including spiders, crawlers, bots and similar virtual agents) to search or gain any information from this website.

Intellectual Property
We own this website and (together with any licensors) own all content and other rights in it, including all intellectual property rights such as copyright and patent rights. All moral rights are reserved.

Trade marks.
You may not use any trademark, trade name, brand or logo on this website or related marketing material without first getting the owner’s written permission.

Unless we expressly allow it, this website may not be:

Copied, modified or used to make derivative works;
Transferred, distributed, decompiled or reverse engineered, or
Rented, leased, loaned, sold or assigned;